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Portray intimate scenes tastefully - Akofa Edjeani Asiedu admonishes
Source :    Date : Monday 18 Sep, 2017 | 09:23 GMT
Ace actress, Akofa Edjeani Asiedu, has called on movie makers to "tasteful"ly portray scenes with explicit intimate content.
Movie critics over the years have raised concerns at the level of explicitness that characterize recent crop of movies.
The actress, who has been appointed the National Coordinator of the Federation of Film Makers Forum, believes that in as much as some of these scenes may be necessary, a level of decency and polishing must be attached.

“I am not saying that never do any intimate scene, I’m even going to Kumasi tomorrow, I’m on a shoot and I have intimate scenes in it. But what I am saying is, it has to be tastefully done,” she told Joy News’ Maxwell Amoofia in an interview.
According to the actress, she has seen “a lot of these scenes and they are not tastefully done. It’s like, it’s just thrown in there. Sometimes, when it is taken out of the story, the story is still beautiful, the story will still sell. The story will still be good.”
Akofa, who has starred in award-winning movies like ‘I Sing of a Well’ directed by American and Ghanaian film maker, Leila Djansi, is of the opinion that nudity is encouraged and boldly flaunted in movies these days because of the misleading perception that "sex sells".
This perception she believes has dire consequences for the movie industry if care is not taken.
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